About Me

I'm always looking for the hint of good in people. We can create a better world by understanding ourselves and others. I believe that a natural path to empathy would be through education and communication. Technology has enabled us to be more human than ever, even if we still have a long way to go. In my work, knowing what I am doing is meaningful is important to me; That my efforts have an impact on someone's quality of life.

I prefer communicating in writing or alternatively in person. Phones are detached & uncomposed; With my personality & dyslexia (auditory), they can be a huge struggle.


Currently my occupation is as a Fullstack Developer at The Hive Group, which has two companies. The Hive Group has a philosophy to improve outcomes for patients by creating change in healthcare communications.

As a Fullstack Developer my role involves hands-on development, prototyping, research, testing and supporting the rest of the tech team and also consultation with the rest of the group. Skills are ever changing with the fast-pace of web development. Aside from mastering HTML, CSS & JavaScript, I've been very proactive in picking up Cordova, Node.js, Electron and Arduino as new platforms as they were introduced to the public. I feel that these platforms have considerably expanded what is possible using web technology and radically rewritten the meaning of what it means to be a web developer today.

Hive is a creative healthcare agency of The Hive Group that has always put patients at the heart of strategies. Making a real difference to people, by looking at opportunities for patients and healthcare professionals.

Pollen is a medical communications consultancy of The Hive Group, using storytelling to help bring understanding. Developing narratives that help people to experience information, rather than absorb it passively.


If you want to talk to me, I greatly prefer to communicate in person or in writing.

You can find me on Twitter as @Nexii.