Process: Ideas: 'How To's? Guides? Tutorials? 'Step-by-step's? * Responsive Mixed Reality Design * Narrative Scrolling * Colour palettes aren’t the problem, it’s the design approach * Canvas & WebGL Optimisation * Reading Clarity * The Web in Depth * Bashing JavaScript * Explanation Design * Showcases of individuals in the web scene? Jen Simmons Rachel Andrew … but actually, I might want to spotlight other individuals as well: * What's the point of build tools if they get in the way of building? A call for modern, simple workflows. Happiness in iteractive, declarative & reactive. ES Modules. Chrome DevTools workspaces. Electron live transpilation. Only use build tools when necessary and genuinely saves you a lot of time. Strive to build more vanilla apps. Minor technical guidance: all headlines should have an id for anchor linking :target on headlines during anchor linking for attention highlighting